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▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Barcelona ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Barcelona ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Barcelona ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Family Friendly Hotels in Barcelona ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]

Family Friendly Hotels in Barcelona

Family vacations are the most anticipated of the year, that moment in which all family members come together in the same illusion, the one of spending quality time together in the chosen destination. There are many possibilities and places to fulfill this purpose and, without a doubt, Barcelona is one of them. Once you have decided that the Catalan capital will be the setting for your family holidays, it is the turn of the other equally important decision, the most suitable accommodation for a family holiday. You might believe that Barcelona is not a typical destination to travel with children, but nothing could be further from reality, and of course at Evenia Hotels chain we have the best family friendly hotels in Barcelona.

Family Friendly Hotels in Barcelona

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Evenia Rosselló

A fantastic hotel in the very heart of Barcelona very close to the best attractions. Spacious and comfy rooms, restaurant, gym. Furthermore, the hotel has an outdoor playground for your kids. They play while you enjoy the terrace.

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Evenia Rocafort

This hotel boasts an idyllic location, very close to Montjuic and its green areas where your kids will enjoy themselves. The hotel features bright rooms fully equipped with everything necessary to make your stay a pleasant experience.

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Evenia family friendly hotels in Barcelona

At Evenia Hotels we care about all the details and our goal is that all our guests feel at home, which includes the youngest members of the family. Children are also our customers and are even more demanding than adults, so we strive to make their stay the best possible one and that they feel comfortable in our hotels. Here they will be able to eat well and have fun!

Spacious rooms and comfortable for them and for their parents, each member of the family is important and essential to us, that is why everyone should be comfortable during their stay in our hotels. As well as good food for the children who stay in our hotels, with the products that they love and with the best recipes for children, at Evenia Hotels you will not listen “I don't like it” because there is a lot of variety and everyone will find something they love. Following, we will tell you about the family friendly hotels in Barcelona that Evenia Hotels offers.

Plans with children in Barcelona

If you are traveling with children, you already have a date for your visit to Barcelona and, of course, you are staying in one of our hotels, we want to lend you a hand so that you do not lack plans to do with the little ones. Barcelona is a city with a lot of activity and full of plans to do with them. Don't miss a single one! Here are a few ideas that you will love. Write them all down!

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