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Mountain hotels in the Pyrenees

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At Evenia Hotels we are very friends with nature, both in winter and summer, and we have different mountain hotels ideal to skiing and to explore the Andorran and Aragonese Pyrenees. Our proposals are focused on the Benasque Valley, in the beautiful Aragonese Pyrenees, and the mountain sports capital of Andorra, Encamp.

Evenia Hotels: Mountain Hotels in the Pyrenees

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Aragonese Pyrenees

Cerler, a beautiful town in Benasque where you can enjoy nature in summer and winter. Snow-capped mountains and green valleys await you here, as well as a great hotel near the ski resort, at the foot of the slopes.

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Andorran Pyrenees

Encamp boasts a privileged location and our mountain hotels in Andorra offer you the best price guaranteed for you to have a great time, both in winter and summer. Check out our ski hotels in Andorra!

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Evenia Mountain Hotels

You can enjoy the overwhelming nature of the Pyrenees at an incredible value for money in our mountain hotels. During the summer choose mountains, hiking trails, fresh air and lots of fun. You will be more relaxed than at the beach and, above all, you will have much more space to disconnect from the noise and bustle, focusing only on the relaxing sounds of the natural environment. Enjoy a different kind of summer in a spectacular natural park surrounded only by nature!

Ski hotels in the Pyrenees

If, on the other hand, what you want is to enjoy the winter and the ski season, you should know that at Evenia Hotels we love the snow as much as you do. So, we have cheap hotels and ski offers -with an unbeatable value for money- thanks to which it is possible to spend a few days full of fun and activities in the Pyrenees.

As you can see, with Evenia Hotels you can enjoy any time of the year in our magnificent 3-star hotels.

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