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Reviews & Memories of Evenia Hotels' Guests

Our greatest satisfaction is to see how our guests enjoy their holidays, how they forge their family memories, strengthen friendships or create bonds with those who began by serving them or cheering them up with a new choreography and who today they can call friends. Evenia Hotels'guests are the driving force of our chain and it is thanks to them, to you, that every year we open with a smile, hoping that you will create new memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Thank you for trusting Evenia Hotels year after year.

We have compiled just some of the memories, stories and opinions of Evenia Hotels that our guests have sent us, but thanks to each and every one of you for sharing with us those beautiful memories that originated among the pools, slides, restaurants, bars and rooms of some of our Evenia Hotels.

Evenia 2021 Ambassadors


Memory by Natalia M.

My family and I discovered the Evenia hotel many years ago, and we all liked it so much that we have not missed a summer since then. Many of the hotel workers know me, I even have a nickname there that the animators have given me thanks to my friends: Albaceta (it's difficult to explain. And no, I'm not from Albacete). But that is not what I came to tell. The first time I went to Evenia Zoraida, when I was very young (now I am 16 years old), I met a group of people of my age and we became very close friends. From the first moment we knew that this was not a simple summer friendship that is going to be forgotten when September arrives. And we were not wrong. The problem was that each one lived in one corner of Spain, I am from Madrid, and my friends live in Galicia, Andalusia, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Extremadura, the Basque Country... So we decided to make a deal, every year we would manage to go to the hotel to see each other, and also we would make a call once a week to see each other and talk, so as not to forget how important we were to each other. Logically, some weeks we failed in the attempt to call each other, and some have not been able to return to the hotel anymore, but we have managed to make stays during the course in some parts of Spain. Our friendship is still as strong as when the hotel brought us together almost 10 years (or more) ago. So thanks to Evenia Hotels for giving us the opportunity to meet people who will mark us all our lives, and I hope that many more people can live there what I had.


Memory by Natalia S.

My memory goes back to June 2016. It was the first time we were going to this resort. We had the reservation since December 2015 and we were looking forward to the time to go. But something happened to us that marked that vacation for the rest of our lives. I had the reservation for June 19 and my father passed away on June 12. We didn't want to hear or talk about vacations anymore, but the family kind of forced us. As far as you can imagine the holidays were with ups and downs. But I can never forget what all the Evenia Olympic staff meant to me. At all times they went out of their way to make my vacation the best of the best. Not for me, that I had my thoughts elsewhere, but for my children who made them enjoy the bitterness we had. All the staff who knew about our situation went out of their way to make us smile from our tears and did not let go of our hand throughout the vacation. I could not enjoy everything that I would have liked since I love to participate in everything, but my interior and my thoughts prevented me. Then that same year on the last day of vacation I promised myself that the following year I would return. But this time to fully enjoy everything, as I know my father would have liked me to do: the staff, the animations, the performances, the facilities and above all the friendship we forged with one of the waiters at particular (affectionately my Pepeillo). From then until today (except for the year 2020 due to Covid) we have not missed any year, it has undoubtedly become our vacation spot. And although we go to know other places, every year we must also go our 10 days to our second home. That summer 2016 I lost the most important person in my life and I gained a new family. The Olympic resort family


Memory by Josep Maria S.

The first memory I have of the Hotel Monte Alba is from August 1, 1975, when we arrived at the hotel with my parents and brothers to spend the entire month of August. It was a great success to get there: the asphalt road ended when you reached the town of Cerler and then we had the doubt whether to continue along the unpaved road to see if we could find it, and we found it! I can tell you that it is a magical hotel, where I have been to spend every summer since then... and we have been 45 years. I was 15 the first time I went and now I'm about to turn 61. The most beautiful thing is that first I went with my parents and siblings, then with my partner and wife, then with my children and now we go with the grandchildren: 4 generations without interruptions. Among the magical memories lived, I remember July 25, 1978, my 18th birthday. My father could think of nothing else than to travel that same day to the Hotel Monte Alba. No celebrations with my friends or anything else: traveling all day with the car (before the roads weren't very good and it took us a long time to get there, eating on the way). I was very angry and did not open my mouth the whole trip or when we got to the hotel for dinner. Then there was no buffet and it was served at the table. Everything changed when, at dessert time, the two waiters and the dining room staff brought a large cake with 18 candles: I was not expecting it. My parents prepared everything with the hotel staff. It was super emotional and it changed my perception of that day. Other and magical memories: in August 1990, my oldest son learned to walk. Imagine that, at 11 months, he started walking on the lawn of our hotel. We could not believe it. But the strongest thing is that 29 years later, his eldest son (my first grandson), also 11 months old, learned to walk on the lawn of the Monte Alba hotel in August 2019. We do not have a second residence and we do not need it: our second home is the Hotel Evenia Monte Alba.

Family Zoraida Edition

Memory by Fernando C.

For me the Evenia Zoraida is the place to return to again and again. My first time was when I was 8-9 years old, I don't exactly remember it, back in 1996, when they still staged the summer fair in front of the hotel practically and not in the port, and it was two consecutive years that marked the following without a doubt. It was with my parents and my brother, and from then until we stopped being children, every summer we traveled to hotels in Spain, but none like the Zoraida. In fact, the last summer that the 4 of us enjoyed in a hotel was again at the Zoraida, in 2003, opening at the Garden. The water polo matches, the Turkish Girl dancing doing Aquagym in the Garden pool, soccer matches with other children from all over Europe using the goal hammocks, the buffet… many experiences that left their mark. The years of Institute, University passed, and in 2016 I returned with what is now my wife. I always said as a child that I would return to Zoraida with my girlfriend and I kept the promise. We really enjoyed the news, the themed restaurants... although not everything was new and I still recognized several faces in the restaurant staff and I was glad that Peter and Helen were still there. My wife did not have many expectations, a couple to a family hotel? Well, she loved it! The only thing she lacked was for me to participate in Mister Zoraida. And truth be told, even if don't become an ambassador, I have been an Ambassador for Zoraida in my wife's family for several years. After years, I finally convinced them to go in 2019 all together. Grandmother, granddaughter, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters, daughters-in-law, that's where we went and it was a great summer. The little ones enjoyed the Park's slides, the older ones with the darts, water polo, volleyball and with the aquagym we did not have enough to burn all the calories we ingested, but what a way to enjoy! That trip to the family marked so much, that the family WhatsApp group was baptized as 'Family Zoraida Edition' and it still continues! The little ones often mention the Zoraida, in fact at the Christmas lunch of that year I prepared a live cluedo set in the Zoraida (Murder in the Zoraida was called) each one playing the role of an employee or guest of the hotel trying to solve a murder and blaming us all, it was great They were all... the animation monitor, the cocktail bar Vegas Bar, the security guy... even one played the Magician in homage to the Cobra Magician, although he was called "the Magician Pipi" Anyway, silly names to give us a laugh. I know that all this is not a memory as such and does not fit what you are looking for, but what to do when it is not just a memory but a thousand experiences that have lasted in time for more than 25 years? In fact, this August we are back! And it will be a surprise for the little ones who will not know that we are going until they are in the car and after a few hours they see the ‘Almería’ sign! I want to see their reaction!!! They will go crazy! By the way, it will not be the only novelty, after going as a son, as a teenager and as an adult, this summer I will debut at the Zoraida as a father, my little one will be 6 months old when we go, so we already have something new to try, the jar pot that you do for babies!!! See you in August! Let's see if Carlitos is still there in the animation team, what a crack!!!!

It was just a scare

Juan Carlos's memory

My memory, although it may seem like a bad experience to the rest of the world, for me, it was one of the best things in my life...We stayed in July 2019.We had started a great holiday with my parents (grandparents), my wife and my son (Giancarlo).... The arrival was spectacular...As soon as we entered the hotel son wanted to go down the slides of the hotel...The day was a mixture of sensations without limits for my son... The problem...and the scare...came the following day... My son started to twitch around 8 / 8.30...his eyes turned white...and he started to spasm...uncontrollably... He had never experienced anything similar... Imagine the moment when you wake up by chance and see your 5-year-old son...twitching and without knowing how long he has been like this... I tried to hold his he wouldn't swallow it...and even though his teeth...almost cut my fingers...the important thing...was to save my son...I didn't feel the pain...even though I knew his baby teeth were cutting my fingers.... My wife came down the spiral staircase...from the fifth floor...She doesn't know how she did it...because she was barefoot at full speed...and the spiral staircase was very dangerous to go down like that... I think that at that moment, you do not think, you act...It comes out of you...a supernatural force and you do what you have to do.... At the reception, they asked for urgent medical assistance...The rescuers went up...immediately... Imagine...the screams that can be heard at 8 o'clock in the morning...that the couples in the rooms on the floor came out to try to help us.... There we found ourselves, lifeguards, people from other rooms and myself...trying to get the child to react...This went on for 30 minutes...which took forever, as there was no sign of recovery.... Imagine...the grandparents, when they found out that the whole spectacle was about their grandson...They found out downstairs, because other guests, had told them that a child had become ill.... The departure...from the hotel...was urgent...We went to 3 emergency centers... in a place we didn't even know...We were on holiday, and we were on a pilgrimage from hospital to hospital... After 5 days the child was discharged...and as we still had some days of holiday left and as we were 800 km away from our hometown, we went back to the hotel... The management and staff behaved like 10...I imagine that all of them put themselves in our place...the parents...grandparents and the child...A child who almost lost his life at 5 years old...and that thanks to the quick action of the hotel staff...It remained an anecdote...It was just a story... I published it on social networks (trivago). And I thanked all the staff... Even the room cleaning staff, who at that time were cleaning the rooms and blocked the lifts, so that the medical staff and the assistance could use them... Those two days that we enjoyed...We felt like a gift...We went from a receive the attention of the whole hotel...From the waiters...Assistant manager...and other staff...They let us use the restaurants that we had not used...and they had a special detail with the child... For me and my was an unforgettable memory...We went from tragedy...and from thinking that our lives were coming to an end...for my son...To enjoying him...and knowing that he was alive to tell the tale... Thank you very much for everything...

A special dessert every day

Ana L. Memory

Perhaps many of you do not find this an endearing story, but for the family of an allergic person, it sure is. We traveled to the Evenia Olympic Resort hotel in July 2017, a long time ago... But what happened to us is recorded in our memory, and it has never been repeated to us again. The first day we went down to the restaurant, we reported that our 7-year-old daughter was allergic to nuts... The maitre d'immediately contacted us, and was very aware of her. He told her what in that meal, she could or could not eat. So far normal, as in any other restaurant. But from the next meal we had, EVERYDAY, he prepared her a special dessert that did not have nuts. Seeing our daughter's happy face, waiting to see what she had prepared for her every day, is something that we do not forget. The attention he had with her has not been received by anyone else anywhere. She was overjoyed. What she was used to is not being able to eat any dessert when we travel abroad (anyone with a family allergic to nuts will understand), and the joy of seeing that every day someone was preparing something special for her, and that she was going to to be able to eat whatever I want ... it has no name. And she has not forgotten. Whenever summer plans come, she says: "I want to go back to the hotel where every day they prepare a dessert for me."

I knew the meaning of the word holidays

Eva María M. Memory

I was tired of going to the typical beach apartment every year. In addition to go to the beach every day to look after the children almost exclusively, I had to go shopping while the little ones were having a nap, I had to do the house and the laundry to be able to live decently and I had to get up a little earlier than the others to leave the food ready. After complaining a lot, my husband this year decided to give us a week's stay for the whole family at the Evenia Zoraida Resort.... Neither the children nor I, of course, wanted to go back to the apartment on the beach. The children had a great time at the kids club!!! and I finally got to know the meaning of the word VACATION.

Let's make it happen!

Arun M. Memory

Unbelievable memories. The family (cousins) had drifted apart over the years. originally the family came from Ireland, some I havent seen for over 50 years, but now we are scattered all over the world. Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philipinnes, USA + several European countries. With Facebook, Whatsapp it is now easier to communicate and we said lets make it happen, A COUSINS REUNION! I did a recee in several countries looking for an ideal resort. Local flights, European flights, International flights. Plenty of rooms, a nice pool area. Nice restaurants and bar area and not to far from the beach were my guidelines. In Evenia Olympic Resort I found all my requirements. The invitations sent and from a total of 35 1st Cousins - 29 made it to Lloret. From day one everyone felt very comfortable. The staff were very friendly, rooms fine and the eating and drinking, in all inclusive, was of a much higher standard than we expected. At the pool bar we had a fantastic time and within a day we were known by the staff as ´La Familie`. A further highlight was on the Saturday and Sunday a major Dancing competion was on at the hotel. Hundreds of young dancers made a remarkable impression - you should just see the photos that I can not post here. In 2020 we intended to repeat the gathering. Unfortunately Corona put a stop to this, however, all our bookings to this time have been refunded-Thankyou! In 2022 the next reunion is in the planning. We are not even looking for another venue. No place could live up to our expectations that ´Evenia Olympic Resort`has installed in our minds. Come on 2022. Were looking forward to coming back
Arun M.

Life's two days

Memory by Anabel R.

We stayed 3 years ago at the Evenia Olympic Resort hotel, after my husband overcame colon cancer when he was only 40 years old and our second son was only 3 months old, we promised to enjoy every second that life give us... And the following summer, we decided to have a wonderful week the four of us. It was one of the best vacations of our lives, and we hope to return very soon! Life is two days, and the memories are what we will keep forever!

7 nights instead of 6

Sergio V. Memory

It was in 2014 with my daughter at that time when she was 3 years old... The morning we had to go when we got up and told her we are going she started crying and tossing and turning in bed in a way we had not seen before, crying with her heart and feelings... And she asked us "one more day please". And, of course, for a daughter what do you not do? We extended the stay one more night. The next day he told us "You already know, for next year 7 nights instead of 6" Until today we have kept that promise. She is in love with the hotel and its entertainers...

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