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For a better future

Ecological and sustainable solutions at Evenia Hotels

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At a time when awareness of the environment is increasingly important, as a company we must decide what role we want to play. At Evenia Hotels we believe it’s time to act and contribute in a small way to try to tackle the consequences we suffer because of global warming and pollution. And it is based on this commitment that Evenia Hotels wants to contribute actively, not only in a substantial improvement in the management of waste generated, but also in the awareness and education of sustainable tourism.

Our actions at Ecoevenia Olympic Resort

Make the world a better place


Drinking Fountains

In our resort, you will find numerous drinking fountains so you can fill a bottle and reuse it!


Plastics Reduction

We avoid single-use plastics and promote the use of compostable plastic.

Recycled Paper

The paper we use is 100% recycled. Tablecloths and napkins... Everything!


Locally Sourced Food

In our resort we use local products.


Unique offers in our Hotels

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Hotels at Evenia Olympic Resort

Where living your memories


Evenia Olympic Palace

The most family-friendly hotel of the Evenia Olympic Resort complex offers very spacious rooms, particularly designed to accommodate large families.


Evenia Olympic Park

Evenia Olympic Park hotel is ideal for holidays as a couple or with friends. Rooms with a view to the water park of the Resort and almost direct access to the water slides.


Evenia Olympic Garden

Ideal for families and for romantic getaways thanks to the diversity of rooms offered. The hotel has several swimming pools, a swim-up bar and a waterslide area.


Evenia Olympic Suites

A perfect hotel for family travelers, with apartment-style rooms offering a living room and many possibilities to host large families. Some of the rooms have a small kitchen.


#Ecoevenia: Green Hotels Evenia

At Evenia Hotels we are aware of this problem and that’s why we have developed a series of initiatives to motivate more sustainable tourism, thus the #ecoevenia project was born. The objective is to help reduce the environmental impact of our hotels and resorts to minimize our ecological footprint. And not only that but also educate and encourage a commitment from all those who visit us, as well as publicize a viable and profitable project among the other chains in the sector.

The objectives of the #ecoevenia project are ambitious and want to be achieved in a short period:

  • Eliminate the use of plastic throughout the resort
  • Reuse as much paper as possible to care for our forests
  • Reduce water consumption to protect the water resources that nature offers us

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