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Evenia Monte Alba All Inclusive

If when you book your vacation at Evenia Monte Alba you have doubts regarding the All Inclusive plan, following we will explain all the details of this rate.


Enjoy to the fullest at the Evenia Monte Alba hotel

The All Inclusive plan is the best way to enjoy your vacation with an unbeatable service. Below we detail everything we can offer you with the All Inclusive at the Evenia Monte Alba hotel.

Unique All-Inclusive offers at Evenia Monte Alba

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We would like to present to you the All Inclusive program 2021. A new exclusive service for our clients. During your check-in you will handed a bracelet so our hotel staff are able to indentify you. The only way of purchasing our All inclusive program is by reserving it directly online or by phone contacting our Call Center.

At Evenia Hotels we have reinforced the service “All Inclusive package” for our clients with a wide range of advantages and innovations just to make your experience more exclusive and enjoyable.


The offer “ALL INCLUSIVE” is strictly personal. During check in our clients will receive a bracelet, so our staff will be able to identify the customers that decided to join the “All Inclusive” package. This bracelet is strictly personal and untransferable and is totally forbidden to be passed on to our clients. It is forbidden with the “All inclusive package” to provide drinks to other clients that don't join the “ALL INCLUSIVE”. Also it's not allowed to order more than one drink at once per client. Therefore, we demand that this service will be used moderately and also remind you that its totally forbidden to serve any alcohol to clients under 18 years old according to the Spanish law.

The non-compliance of this rule will cause the client to stop receiving the “Inclusive package” and became a full board pension guest. In case you lose or break your bracelet it is the client's obligation to notify the reception as soon as possible. In this case the client must pay, by the replacement of the bracelet, 10 euros.

Note: due the Covid-19, some of our schedules and services may be altered.


All-inclusive service begins with check-in and ends after check-out.


Restaurant products included in All Inclusive: Water, beer, house wine (red, white and rosé), with or without soda, and drinks such as Pepsi Cola, Kas orange & lemon. Any other drink not included in this guide will have to be paid. On Thursday nights, all-inclusive guests can have a barbecue service in the hotel garden upon reservation at the reception.


The drinks and snacks included in the main hotel bar from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm are as follows:


  • Non-alcoholic tap drinks, peach, pineapple and orange juice (bottled), milk, water, beer on tap, tea and coffee.
  • Cognac, Gin, Rum, Vodka and Whiskey of national brands, excluding aged liquors and top brands.
  • House wine served in a glass (red, white, rosé), Sangria.
  • Digestives ("shots") of apple, peach.
  • It is possible to combine two drinks, for example: Whiskey + Pepsi cola, as long as both are included in the All Inclusive regime.
  • CHIPS and ice cream cups.

Additional information

  • Any other drink not included in this guide will be have to be paid
  • Any product not indicated in this guide is not included
  • All Inclusive service will be valid only in the hotel restaurant and bar of the hotel.
  • Products must be consumed exclusively within the hotel facilities.


Snacks in the Hotel Bar from 5 5:30 p.m. consisting of pastries, juices and choco drink or similar.

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