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Excellent gastronomy at Evenia Olympic Resort

Enjoy the best cuisine in our buffets

▷ Restaurants at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Restaurants at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Restaurants at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Restaurants at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Restaurants at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Restaurants at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Restaurants at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]

Our culinary proposal: Mediterranean Cuisine with AMED certification

From the food to the surroundings, Restaurants of Evenia Olympic Resort are a feast for the senses. Each day begins with the arrival of carefully selected ingredients, the best seasonal produce. At Evenia Olympic Resort enjoying a fine dining experience is a must, we understand that eating well is not just about food. Thanks to our commitment to a tasty and healthy culinary proposal we have earned the prestigious AMED certification of Generalitat de Catalunya, a project that promotes healthy and quality food, boosting the Mediterranean diet in the restoration.

During your stay at Evenia Olympic Resort, you will savour exquisite options, food carefully sourced to ensure that the most natural and fresh ingredients are used in every dish. In our restaurants, we understand that slow food is not only a way of eating but a fantastic way of eating.

Taste the best of Mediterranean cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients. Exceptional ingredient plus fabulous culinary skill give the result of impressive dishes. Delight your palate with our exquisite options. At Evenia we are aware that veganism is becoming more and more common as well as increasingly popular, also we understand that eating out with Celiac disease, intolerance or allergy of some aliments is not always a simple affair. At our resort you have nothing to worry about; we offer you delightful options to satisfy all our guests.

AMED Certification

Mediterranean Diet

Amed identifies the establishments which promote a Mediterranean diet in their menus. The objectives of the association are to maintain and promote a diet based on the Mediterranean products in the field of collective catering, as well as to accredit and identify establishments that meet the specific characteristics, linked to the Mediterranean diet model for good and healthy habits outside home. Thus, in the Amed establishments, as in the Evenia Olympic Resort Restaurants, there is a gastronomic offer typical of Mediterranean food, as well as information on active leisure options (walks, circuits, etc.) in the surroundings of the establishment or in nearby areas and also on the promotion of healthy habits in general (balanced and varied diet, recipes, etc.).
AMED certification

Philosophy Zero Mile

Avant-garde gastronomy at Evenia Hotels

Chef Carles Fàbregas

Chef Carles Fàbregas

Our chef is passionate about cooking and perfectly fuses traditional flavors with avant-garde touches, always having the product as the protagonist and making it shine.

Proximity Products

Proximity Products

All our dishes are made with local and quality ingredients. Zero mile product that is in line with EcoEvenia project that is being carried out in the complex.


We take care of our little guests

We know the importance of health and nutrition of your little ones. So that, every day in our kitchens, we prepare homemade jars for our youngest guests! You will be able to choose, at the buffet, between meat, fish and fruit jars. We know that it is one less concern and what we always seek is to make your holidays a paradise of tranquility and fun. Request this service when you check-in at the hotel so that our cooks can prepare the right amounts. We also offer baby food from the best brands at the snack bars or the themed restaurants, or at times when there is no kitchen service.


Evenia Olympic Resort Restaurants

The best culinary experience

Differences between Gold & Silver All Inclusive

Our chef: A culinary genius

As expected, the genius behind our cuisine is chef Carles Fàbregas. He defines himself as a passionate about cooking, and he shows it in each of his creations. Perfectionist, with a modern and fresh proposal that results in healthy dishes full of flavour. With a long career, he has cooked in France and Germany, and currently, he is the one who will delight your palate with a unique explosion of flavours at Evenia Olympic Resort.

Our restaurants: Eat as much as you can!

Evenia Olympic Resort has 4 buffet-style restaurants, in all of them we offer exquisite culinary options to satisfy the palates of all, even the most demanding. You will always find elaborate and exquisite dishes based on poultry, meat, fish, salads and much more as well as a wide assortment of fresh fruit and desserts. All our dishes are made with the best quality ingredients.

Remember that, depending on the hotel where you are staying, you can use one or another restaurant. However, during some seasons, its use is at the discretion of the hotel, our receptionists will be in charge of indicating which restaurant you should eat in during your vacation at the time of check-in. Do not worry, in all of them you will find delicious and nutritious dishes made in the same kitchen and by the same team.

As you can see, the fabulous Evenia Olympic Resort goes far beyond a simple buffet: variety, quality and helathy are the guidelines that govern our day to day in the kitchen.

Enjoy the best culinary offer during your holidays in Lloret de Mar and book right now your next holidays at this fantastic resort.

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