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▷ Romantic Getaways near Madrid ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Romantic Getaways near Madrid ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Romantic Getaways near Madrid ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Romantic Getaways near Madrid ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]

Romantic hotel near Madrid Evenia Hotels ✔️

Are you thinking of making a romantic getaway near Madrid? Surely you want to get away from the bustle of the capital but without having to travel very far. The luck of living in Madrid is that you have true paradises just a short distance away, as is the case of the beautiful Cervantes city, nicknamed the city of letters, Alcalá de Henares. Its medieval aspect and the history that is breathed in every corner of this ancient city is the perfect setting to enjoy with your partner in an unforgettable getaway. In addition, Evenia Hotels offers you a romantic boutique-style hotel with all the comforts and in an unbeatable location in the heart of the old town of Alcalá. We tell you about our Evenia Alcalá Boutique hotel. What better than staying in a romantic hotel near Madrid at Evenia Hotels?

Romantic Hotel in Alcalá de Henares

Evenia Alcalá Boutique

Enjoy a romantic getaway in one of the most charming hotels in Alcalá de Henares. Housed in an old post house and with a Corral de Comedias-style patio, it is a perfect boutique hotel for couples.
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Romantic getaway near Madrid with Evenia Hotels

Evenia Hotels offers you hotels located in cities that breathe romanticism in every corner. Alcalá de Henares is one of them, without a doubt, a super special corner with that enigmatic air that medieval cities always bring. Can you imagine walking those cobbled streets with dim lighting holding the arm of your lover? Alcalá is your place, a romantic getaway near Madrid and, at the same time, very far away in time.

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