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Pools & Water Park

Come and enjoy our aquatic world

▷ Pools & Water Park at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Pools & Water Park at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Pools & Water Park at Evenia Olympic Resort ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]

Water Park: An aquatic world where you can dive and enjoy

Within our Evenia Olympic Resort in Lloret de Mar, the the heart of Costa Brava, you will find a world full of aquatic fun in the spectacular facilities of the complex. A place to have fun, but also where the quietest corners abound if you are looking to rest and relax to the rhythm of the sun while you tan or enjoy a cocktail in our Pool Bar. We present the aquatic area of Evenia Olympic Resort!

Although the Water Park is the star of the complex, especially for the youngest, in our pool area you can find many more areas if what you want is a little more tranquility. You can choose from a large number of pools and environments, you can relax in the Jacuzzi area or sunbathe on the island of palm trees. If you want to really cool off, you can have a beer, a soft drink or whatever you prefer while you sit at the swim-up pool bar, for the hottest days this is the best!

If, on the contrary, you prefer to swim, play and explore, here you can also do it, do not miss the days when the bouncy castle emerges from the water or the foam party, in summer all that has to do with cooling off is welcome, more if it is accompanied by a lot of fun. And to relax you can also make use of the fantastic Spa of the resort.


Dips, fun and relaxation at Evenia Olympic pools

Pools at the Evenia Olympic Resort

Splash Area and Pirate Ship

Children won't want to leave this area with a pirate ship inside. The little ones will enjoy it to the fullest.

Pools at the Evenia Olympic Resort

Water Park & Slides

Evenia Olympic Water Park awaits you with its multitrack slides. You will have a good time no matter how old you are.

Tropical Area & Pool Bar

In the tropical area you will find a place to rest and relax or have a drink in the swim-up Pool Bar. This is paradise!

Pools at the Evenia Olympic Resort

Spa and Indoor Pool

Relax in the Spa at the Evenia Olympic Resort. An espacio creado para qu'experiences un estado de peace y tranquilidad.

Pools at the Evenia Olympic Resort

The Great Pool of Evenia Olympic Resort

It does not matter if you prefer fun, adrenaline and dips or, on the contrary, swimming quietly while you tan in your hammock. In the pool area of Evenia Olympic Resort there is room for all types of swimmers, divers, jumpers and... of course, those who want to enjoy of maximum tranquility. The large complex of Evenia Olympic Resort has three large separate areas where each team can choose their favorite place to spend the day.

On the one hand we have the little ones who will enjoy their little slides, the figures of dragons and the pirate ship, while the younger ones and some adults will choose to jump down the slides of the water park. Finally, we have a space for those who just want to enjoy a pleasant day in the pool, in their hammock, with a cocktail and, why not? exploring while swimming in the large tropical pool at Evenia Olympic Resort.

The Evenia Olympic Resort Water Park with slides

Slides of all kinds, of various heights and colors, some with impossible turns and others that reach high speeds, in our Water Park you will find the degree of fun you prefer, from multitrack slides, in a Zig-Zag shape, covered and uncovered, as well as JET water slides.

Free access without restrictions for all our clients who measure more than 110 cm. height, in our area of slides is where the greatest fun of the Resort is found. Here you can take all the dips you want no matter how old you are, the only thing we ask is that you bring all your energy and laughter to enjoy some good dives!

Choose your way to enjoy the pool!

Pool areas to cool off at Evenia Olympic Resort

Olympic Resort Water Slides

Jump into the water!

Fun, adrenaline, speed... this is all you will find in the slides of Evenia Olympic Resort. Different sizes, shapes and colors but the same purpose, make you have a good time!

Olympic Resort Splash Zone


Children will have a great time playing on the pirate ship and in the Splash Zone with the animal toys, the little slides, the water cannons... they will be very entertained!

Relax in the Jacuzzi!

Imagine yourself on a very hot day, now imagine yourself in the Jacuzzi area of ​​our tropical pool. The bubbles are responsible for making your body relax and while you sunbathe you do not suffer from any heat.

Olympic Resort Jacuzzi

Cool off at the Pool Bar!

You are thirsty but you want to continue in the pool, it is so cool in there.... Don't worry! We have the perfect solution for you. How about a cool beer without leaving the pool inside our Pool Bar?

pool bar evenia olympic
solarium evenia olympic

Sunbathe Area

If your thing is to lie down in a hammock and forget everything, this Solarium area with hammocks, umbrellas and a lot of tranquility is the ideal place for your tan. If you want to eat something you have a snack bar next door.

Olympic Resort Pools


Have fun exploring every corner of the pools, if you are lucky enough you will even find a desert island where you can enjoy a bit of calm and feel a bit like Robinson Crusoe.

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