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Beachfront Hotels Roquetas de Mar

🌅 Wake up to the sound of the Mediterranean

▶️ Beachfront Hotels in Roquetas de Mar ❤️
▶️ Beachfront Hotels in Roquetas de Mar ❤️

Beachfront Hotels in Roquetas de Mar 🌊

Summer holidays are synonymous with the best time of the year, surely we all agree with this phrase. Choosing the perfect summer destination is a big decision, especially if it is the big family holiday of the year, when all the members of the family look forward to these days of disconnection, fun, new activities and great surprises. Making the right choice for your holidays is essential, which is why Evenia Hotels is committed to hotels on the beachfront in Roquetas de Mar. They are, without a doubt, the most suitable for enjoying a summer in a beach destination, where the main protagonist will be the sea, the sun and the sound of the waves when you wake up in your hotel room on the seafront, something that you will only be able to experience in accommodation in this location. If you are looking for hotels in Playa Serena Roquetas de Mar fortunately, the Evenia Hotels chain has several beacfront hotels in Roquetas de Mar, right on the Mediterranean coast. Don't miss out on a unique family holiday and book your hotel with Evenia Hotels now!


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Hotels on the beachfront 🌅 Costa de Almeria

At Evenia Hotels we love the sea and for this very reason we have two beachfront hotels in Roquetas de Mar. There is no better plan than having a family holiday in a destination as complete as Costa de Almeria. If you are looking for hotels on the beaches of Roquetas de Mar, do not hesitate to book with Evenia Hotels. Book this year at our complex Evenia Zoraida Beach Resort, a resort with a water park in Roquetas de Mar that has two four-star hotels. Evenia Zoraida Park and Evenia Zoraida Garden form a beachfront summer resort. The two hotels enjoy a privileged location facing the Mediterranean Sea and an unbeatable access to Roquetas de Mar beaches. Moreover, it is one of the few beachfront hotels in Roquetas de Mar which offer all-inclusive services. Do you want to know more?

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