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Mediterranean cuisine at Evenia Rosselló

▷ Full Board Hotels in Barcelona ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Full Board Hotels in Barcelona ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]
▷ Full Board Hotels in Barcelona ✔️ »[Evenia Hotels]

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Family vacations are the most awaited, without any doubt, but also feared in some aspects, especially logistics. Reason why it is advisable to look for a good accommodation that meets all the needs we have. That is where the full board hotels in Barcelona come into play, if it is the city of Barcelona that we have chosen as a family destination.

Mediterranean cuisine based on seasonal products

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Our restaurant, located in the Evenia Rosselló hotel, has a capacity for about 70 diners in a dining room plus a pleasant terrace next to the gardens of the Placeta de Joan Brossa. With a very defined concept of gastronomy, it is based on traditional, seasonal and market cuisine with some fusion touches, highlighting the quality of the product and achieving a perfect value for money. We offer daily menus from monday to friday, where you can choose between three appetizers and three main courses to choose from, and evening or holiday menus. We highlight the service, friendly, efficient, attentive and very professional, which will ensure that your evenings are perfect, taking home a great memory of your visit to our restaurant.
Evenia Rosselló

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Evenia Hotels full board in Barcelona

Having into account the wide range of restaurants in Barcelona, finding a hotel that offers full board is a luck, since you will have the best of catalan gastronomy included in your accommodation rate. In this sense, you will be able to enjoy the great variety of dishes and recipes at the hotel restaurant "L'Illa Rosselló" that has a quality product and elaborated dishes, with an excellent presentation. Full board at our hotels in Barcelona. It is not buffet style, so your feelings will be more close to be eating and dining every day in a great restaurant in Barcelona.

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